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Jan 18, 2013 9:00am PST
january, it spikes from about $100 to $150. >> that's pennies. >> year after yoear it just ros and in 20 years -- we'll be ready for anything. >> can you get your kids to do basically anything you want them to do now because you have this as leverage? >> don't i wish. yeah. my wife are and i know that we're leaving a pretty awesome legacy for our kids that they'll remember. cherished memories skating in the backyard for years to come. >>> top ways to kill a snowman. >> my favorite, just a flat out football full-speed tackle. >> see them all and [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or why it doesn't have to be an adventure to stick to your new year's budget. because safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. right now, a case of arrowhead water is just $3.33. folgers is $7.99 for the large size. that's a huge deal. rise and shine. simply orange oj is just $2.88. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. >>> there's a fire on the top floor of this apartment building in siberia, so a firefighter begins to extend t
Jan 18, 2013 7:00am EST
's. it's amazing what soup can do. [ female announcer ] the gold standard in anti-aging. roretinol. found in roc® retinol correxion deep wrinkle night cream. it's clinically proven to give 10 years back to the look of skin. now for maximum results, the power of roc® retinol is intensified with a serum to create retinol correxion® max. it's clinically shown to be 4x better at smoothing lines and deep wrinkles than professional treatments. new roc® retinol correxion® max. nothing's better than gold. >>> we are back at 8:19 and jessica chastain is on a roll. she just won a golden globe for her role in "zero dark thirty." she has another movie, her supernatural thriller "mama." jessica chastain, good morning to you. we'll talk about this scary movie in a moment. first, congratulations are in order. >> oh, thank you so much. i'm still not quite used to it. it's been within this week that the golden globes happened and it's an everyday kind of -- i replayed it in my mind. that happened, that happened. >> you're flying back and forth to l.a. and new york. are you keeping the statue i
Jan 18, 2013 6:00pm EST
empezando el ritual del agua. ro yankee rápidamente repone el tiempo perdido y empieza a devorar su comida. los mini carnívoros claramente aman cada minuto de su primera comida como adultos. como pueden ver whisky y x-ray ya terminaron todo, son más rápidas que los muchachos, pero los chicos están aprendiendo rápido. en especial zulu. normalmente les lavamos la cara y la cola, aunque con frecuencia ellos nos ayudan en esa labor. intentan rescatar los últimos pedazos de comida que tienen en la cara los otros y que no lo notaron. ♪ es impresionante pensar que hemos estado aquí seis semanas nada más y están creciendo frente a nuestros ojos, van siendo adultos todos. y por el hecho de que el más joven haya comido carne, es un gran día para todos nosotros. (narrador) dejamos a emily disfrutar su tiempo con los cachorros y nos vamos al centro médico de animales de cabo para descubrir cómo va la exploración de joseph. joseph duerme. en cuanto joseph se duerme el veterinario milan van zyl se enmascara, porque aunque no lo crean es alérgico a los cheetahs que trata con frecuencia.
Jan 18, 2013 3:00am PST
. [ female announcer ] new roretinol correxion max. the power of roretinol is intensified with a serum. it's proven to be 4x better at smoothing lines and deep wrinkles than professional treatments. roc® max for maximum results. ♪ [ male announcer ] this is karen and jeremiah. they don't know it yet, but they're gonna fall in love, get married, have a couple of kids, [ children laughing ] move to the country, and live a long, happy life together where they almost never fight about money. [ dog barks ] because right after they get married, they'll find some retirement people who are paid on salary, not commission. they'll get straightforward guidance and be able to focus on other things, like each other, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. >>> times square looking up toward central park. how lucky are we to have cnbc's brian sullivan right here with us? brian, how is it going, buddy? >> you know, it's going all right. how you doing over at 30 rock? we're here in the hinterlands of jersey. give me something good. >> we're here and you're there. give
Jan 17, 2013 5:00pm PST
, suburban, nice, normal ro an rockwell kin image in your mind. somehow or other, that has touched the american public's heart. >> mr. mayor, thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> still ahead, the interview people have been waiting for for decades. what did lange armstrong say to oprah winfrey, and will he apologize to the millions of people whose lives he tore apart. we'll ask what they'll be looking for. ♪ [ male announcer ] end your long week... with a weekend getaway. save up to forty percent on all weekend hotel stays. book by january thirty first at >>> tonight, lance armstrong will speak for the first time publicly since his fall from grace. his interview with oprah winfrey was taped a few days ago. today, the olympic committee has stripped him of the bronze medal he won in sydney. he has already been stripped of his seven tour de france titles and banned from cycling. the fallout of a doping controversy that pult him in the center of the controversy. he's expected to have admitted to doping and lied about it after years of flat-out deniade. he ap
Jan 18, 2013 1:00am PST
. chris hayes joins us next. to as and deep wrinkles than professional treatments. romax for maximum results. and deep wrinkles than professional treatments. [ female announcer ] some people like to pretend a flood could never happen to them. and that their homeowners insurance protects them. [ thunder crashes ] it doesn't. stop pretending. only flood insurance covers floods. ♪ visit to learn your risk. >>> ahead tonight, we've got a "rachel maddow show" special report that you will not see anywhere else. we have been working on this for a long time, and it starts with some very, very surprising news out of the heartland. that's coming up. hold on. >>> since congress hasn't confirmed a director of the bureau of ak tol, to be ol alcohol, tobacco and firearms in six years, they should confirm todd jones who will be -- who has been acting and i will be nominating for the post. [ applause ] >> if you want to know who a person is in a room who you do not recognize by sight, wait until somebody at a podium mentions their name and everybody else starts clapping. the
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)